7 Steps To Launch Your Website

We’ve broken down our website building process into 7 basic steps. We do our best to stay away from technical jargon, but if we haven’t done a good job of making something clear please ask us to clarify a step and we’ll be happy to.

Step 1. – Planning

This is where you tell us what you want. The best way to do this is to complete a website planning form. The planner was designed to organize your thoughts about your future website and to help us assess what will meet your needs. Sometimes, we are the first person to ask some of these questions.

This step is crucial. Without it we cannot provide you with a custom proposal of our recommendations, project timelines and cost estimates. Questions such as these help us both to form an opinon about how the site should look:

  • What is the mission or purpose of your business or organization?
  • What is the primary message that you want to communicate to your site visitors?
  • What do you want site visitors to be able to do when they come to your site?

Step 2. – Proposal

We’ll prepare a detailed cost estimate especially for you and submit it for your review. During this step we will also answer any questions that may arise from the proposal.

After Step 2 you’ll know exactly what you’ll be getting and an estimated date of delivery. In the proposal the costs will be broken down for you so you’ll know how much your project will cost upfront; no unpleasant billing surprises later.

Please be patient during Step 2 as we’ll be reviewing your answers to the website planner questions and using them to determine the best course of action for your project. It could take anywhere from 2 days to up to a week to get your customized proposal ready. For unusual or complicated feature requests additional time may be necessary.

Step 3. – Green Light

To get started we just need 3 things: your approval of the proposal, a signed copy of the proposal from you and the initial deposit.

Step 4. – Content & Design

At this stage you’ll be working on getting your content together while we begin on your design. Once we have a design draft of your new website ready we’ll submit it to you for your review.

Step 5. – The Building Begins

During this step we’ll be busy building your website, but don’t worry, we’ll keep you posted on the progress.

Step 6. – Test, Review and Refine

Now for the fun part, testing out your new website and making sure things are the way you like them!

Step 7. – Launch!

After your final installment has been received we’ll launch your completed website on the World Wide Web! The control of your website will then be turned over to you. We’ll provide you with a summary of your website which will include important details that you’ll need to know.

It’s time to celebrate!

Contact us today to get started building your new masterpiece!

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