Hosted and Cloud services

Hosted and Cloud services

Cloud computing has endless benefits for small and medium-sized businesses. With cloud computing, businesses save money and time through promoting innovation, improving the collaboration and boosting the productivity.  Cloud hosting assists all information –sharing types such as application hosting, email services, data storage, web-based phone systems and a lot more.

Who Must Utilize Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is utilized by everybody, from public and private organizations, including the governments and educational systems to individuals. In business, these cloud systems are utilized by all sizes and shapes of organizations, from small, medium businesses to multinational corporations.

Businesses utilize cloud computing in order to access data anywhere using any compatible gadget. Instead of keeping information on a server of your office or on your personal computer, cloud computing keeps data on the internet. This works though making data available from a central web-based hub which gives anyone with correct credentials access from any point as long as with connection to the internet. Additionally, cloud computing syncs data for all gadgets connected to the cloud, providing them with updated real-time information.

Cloud services offered by provide your business with technology solutions which are simpler to use, secured and more affordable for your total satisfaction. The term cloud has already taken the business and IT world by breeze for the past few years. In general, the term is has a wide definition but in a plenty of cases, it is associated with any technology in which your business or simply you utilizes outside your premises.  You must move to our cloud to

Cloud Hosted Email at

Though getting our cloud hosted email at, you can acquire all the benefits of an enterprise-level solution, without any hassle or cost.  Without a doubt, affordable and reliable email solutions are a necessity no for any size and shape of a business. However, the question is, how can a business acquire the enormous benefits of their personal email server without having to rely on expensive maintenance and equipment?  Do not worry now for the answer is definitely on our cloud hosted exchange in

Why Choose our Cloud Hosted Email?   

Our cloud-based hosted exchange at provides you with all the advantages of Microsoft Exchange without the expensive and cumbersome cost of administering our exchange server.  Together with our award-winning support, our cloud hosted email provides:

  • Shared calendars and contacts
  • Whole-featured  Microsoft exchange
  • Unlimited storage for mailbox
  • Incorporation with your chosen mobile phone or any handheld gadget
  • Complete access to your contacts, mails, tasks and calendars on the web
  • Includes spam and virus-filtering
  • No software or server to manage
  • Includes all the advantages of the email continuity package
  • No contacts that are long-term

If you want to learn more about the cloud hosted exchange services in, do not hesitate to contact us today.

Why Should You Move to Our Cloud?

Price. Cloud-based productivity and email applications can present expected monthly costs depending on the usage, which is more affordable honest costs compared to conventional on-premise solutions that aids to minimize your current operation costs.

Built-in security. In general, cloud-based solutions have built-in recovery and backup options which you never have to invest in or bother about.

Time Implementation.  In a couple of days, cloud-based solutions can already be deployed compared to the weeks or even months for the most traditional on-premise solutions.  Without software or hardware procurement, our team in can get the appropriate work in establishing your backup and email that are cloud-based today.

Appropriate for small and medium-sized businesses. With the low cost, scalability and ease of use, cloud-based solutions are frequently suitable for small and medium-sized businesses while keep on offering onsite and traditional solutions. offers various cloud-based productivity, information backup solutions and email that are specifically customized for the needs of your business. Our team in cannot only aid you with the implementation and selection of cloud-based data backup and email solutions, but as well as 24/7 support for your existing or latest software applications that are cloud-based. Get connected with our project team now and see how our full-packed with features cloud-based solutions can readily and effectively help your business.