Security and Compliance

Security and Compliance

Security is definitely the foundation of risk and compliance management. Aside from being the leader, security as well has a vital role on deploying fresh technologies, fighting against the advanced threats and addressing existing mandates.  Through concentrating in securing your data that also include the confidentiality of your personal information, we aid you to effectively increase the security posture of your business. Because with an elevated posture for your business, you can surely meet compliance obligations and manage risks more than ever, in a sustainable and automated way. In order to keep up with the competition, your business must be able to change quickly and move fast. Whether you are managing a small business or running an international enterprise, mitigating the risk and securing sensitive data is an intricate responsibility that you surely cannot do alone. Hence, you need our help to acquire that competitive benefit.

Our expert and proficient security and compliance team at will aid you to determine the risk areas in your business and will help you establish the technical and business requirements necessary for a more efficient and effective program of information security. We are here to aid you secure sensitive data such as intellectual property, personal health records, credit card information, protect your data loss and risk for your business and attain compliance with intricate advancing regulations and policies.

To specify some of our security and compliance services at, please see the following:

Administered Security Testing. Our administered security testing at provides precision penetration and on-demand testing with a couple of simple clicks. Having a subscription, users can log in and access the portal then schedule the web application and external or internal network testing with pre-defined and on demand fee.

If necessary, do the retesting process without any additional charge

Avoid exposure among annual tests

Unmatched  network penetration and application testing from the experts in

You can control the depth and breadth of testing

Current testing all through the subscription term

Incident Preparedness and Response. These are services that are designed to avoid compromise and to secure the integrity of businesses and data. An efficient and quick response to your network attack can save a lot of time, staff hours and effort. Quickly identify the cause, source and extent of the computer security breach with our services for incident response at You can also learn how to be familiar with the compromise indicators and appropriately respond on your own together with our incident preparedness services.

  • Reverse engineering of malware
  • Simulated exercises
  • Remediation and containment
  • Forensic data analysis and acquisition

Vulnerability Management. These are services that help you evaluate and detect vulnerabilities, repair them and generate complete reports. Keep an eye with the applications, databases and systems on your network as well as their related vulnerabilities all through their evolution and life cycle.  Our vulnerability management in provides you an actual and clear view of the applications, databases and systems existing on your network and how these assets might be at risk to attack.

  • Automated
  • Continual and context-driven scanning
  • Change control of IT asset
  • Risk prioritization and risk assessment

Trust us at because our team is powered by our outstanding managed and cloud services platform, thereby, you could automate processes, effectively scale and execute the best practices tools for your business.

With all the many clients that have come and go to us, we are confident that we are now completely knowledgeable and highly-experienced to the likes and dislikes of your clients in terms of their effective yet simple to navigate and understandable security and compliance solution.  Keep it with us for we exactly know what we are doing. More than words, we keep our work close in action.  With your high hopes and expectation to us, we are challenge to bring out our more than a hundred percent effort to provide you with a state-of-the-art, full-packed and robust network security.  Contact us today for more information regarding our security and compliance.